Mob of Italian women chant “Italy is not a brothel” outside Prime Minister’s house

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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is continuing to really piss people off. Yesterday, a mob of nearly 30,000 women gathered in the Piazza de Popolo in front of Berlusconi's house, chanting feminist slogans and blaring Patti Smith. And to think, Berlusconi was once considered popular among women.  

Things have been a little rough for Berlusconi. He's fresh off a wave of allegations that he slept with prostitutes, some of whom were foreign and underage. And, as Italy battles rampant debt and unemployment, his reputation as a playboy living in luxury, throwing "bunga bunga" sex parties in his lavish residence, isn't making him any friends. The women were protesting what they see as continued disrespect from a chauvinistic and patriarchal administration.  

Despite the waves of disapproval, Berlusconi isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He is actually democratically elected after all, and has won the popular vote for each of his three terms. Plus, he's the only current European leader to have a sex party named after him. That's right, look up "bunga bunga;" it pretty much means "a sex party with the Italian Prime Minister."