Mormon college not crazy about students wearing skinny jeans

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Students at Brigham Young University, which is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, understand that their school's honor code, of which the dress code is a part, is an extension of Mormon beliefs and practices. But a new sign apparently posted in the testing center at the University's Idaho affiliate reading "No skinny jeans" has some students scratching their heads.

Said BYU-Idaho student Zach Cooper:

"I think it is pretty ridiculous. We already aren't allowed to wear shorts or flip-flops, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they banned skinny jeans as well. This school is crazy."

Fellow student Rachel Taylor explained the obvious rationale for the school's disapproval of pants that can still induce lascivious thoughts in 2011:

"Skinny jeans are really form-fitting, like jeggings, which are technically leggings. They show a lot of curves. Some girls wear skinny jeans that are just too skinny… so they ask us not to wear them. Some girls are trying to wear skinny jeans three sizes too small — it's a good idea to not wear them at all."

I blame the whole stink over tight pants that taper at the bottom of the leg on the apparently ungodly legacy of 1950s stars like Elvis, The Lone Ranger, and Sandra Dee. They started this! This puts me in mind of Allen Iverson's old beef with NBA commissioner David Stern's dress code, or the proverbial jealous boyfriend disapproving of his girl's outfit. Maybe BYU-Idaho just needs Kevin Bacon to come and dance outside the testing center in skinny jeans and shake things up, thereby inspiring more rebels with a two-day scruff. The irony is, Amish kids and Muslim women in burqas probably look on in envy at the permissive atmosphere.