Muslims following religious law would get 15 years in prison under Tennessee bill

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A few weeks ago, South Dakota hit the news with a proposed "Use your own judgment about whether or not to kill abortion doctors" bill. Continuing on the crazy train of proposed bills this month comes, "Let's outlaw an entire religious belief system." State Senator Bill Ketron and State Rep. Judd Matheny of Tennessee are suggesting a bill that would criminalize "following the Islamic code known as Sharia law." If this bill were to pass, a Muslim following his religious beliefs could be sentenced to fifteen years in prison. 

If they're taking it that seriously, we can obviously conclude that following Sharia leads to some serious violence and general un-American behavior, right? 

Those following Sharia law are under orders to order virgin cocktails, avoid blackjack, and forgo a hot dog at a baseball game. Seems pretty unpatriotic to me. So, let's lock them up. But, we should consider throwing the book at those who follow the Ten Commandments, too. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods? Come on, keeping up with the Joneses is the American dream.