Naked Israeli women support naked Egyptian woman

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This is the next logical move for Occupy Wall Street. Forty Israeli women have taken a (SFW) nude group photo to express solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a feminist Egyptian blogger who angered religious authorities by posting a (NSFW) photo. Her artistic protest against sexual repression led to numerous death threats, but — on the bright side — she scored 17,000 Twitter followers.

Now a group of Zionist ladies is giving Elmahdy moral support in her fight against the morality police. Or Tepler, a twenty-eight-year-old Israeli, recruited dozens of her countrywomen to (kind of) show their bodies "for a woman who is just like us young, ambitious, full of dreams and evidently has a developed sense of humor." And just as Elmahdy's protest infuriated fundamentalists in Egypt, Tepler's is bound to do the same in Israel, where religious hardliners have gained much power in recent years.

Nevertheless, Tepler, "a seeker of peace," hopes that she can unite Jewish and Muslim progressives. If only Netanyahu and Abbas were to don their birthday suits, everyone in the Middle East would finally get along.