National Organization for Marriage endorses Romney, gets website hacked

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It's a big day for the National Organization for Marriage! They've announced their support for all-but-official Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, which sounds more surprising than it really is. Romney is tainted by his links to Massachusetts, that hotbed of same-sex knot tying. But he's made his disapproval of same-sex marriage very clear, and recently revealed records show that the former governor donated thousands of dollars to the group right before the vote on Prop 8. (Though, oddly, it seemed he wanted to hide the donation as much as possible. If Republican politicians who are openly against same-sex marriage don't want to be associated with you, NOM, you might have a bit of an image problem.)

But then, disaster struck: the group's website and Twitter account were hacked, replacing the usual nonsense — like its race-baiting tactic of playing the African American and LGBT communities against each other — with promises to become a nicer, less assholic group. Here's a screenshot from the site at the time of the takeover, via the Huffington Post:

NOM couldn't let this stand — I mean, would you want people thinking you stood for tolerance and civil rights? Of course not! — and quickly took the entire site down for "maintenance." It looks like it's back up now, complete with the video announcement of their Romney endorsement, so all is right in their world. (Except, obviously, in all the ways that they are constantly wrong.)

But I'm just going to say what we're all probably thinking: a bitter Newt Gingrich was behind this, right?