Nevada Hispanics announce possible independent Tequila Party

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Tequila Party

Inspired, in part, by the Tea Party, Nevada's Hispanic caucus is looking at breaking from the Democratic Party and forming an independent grassroots movement that most of us can get behind. It's called the Tequila Party and, unfortunately, the platform will not be "Free Patron For All".

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Latino leaders are upset about how the Dems have taken advantage of their support — and then taken it for granted. They cry that elected officials haven't done jack shit about the immigration situation, nor have they fully unified the party. The Latino message, Hispanic politicos say, is getting muddled in one of America's major battleground states. 

Hispanics have proved to be a powerful political force in Nevada and nationally. They were instrumental in electing President Barack Obama and are credited with saving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s re-election this month. In Nevada, Latinos accounted for 15 percent of voters in 2008 and a record 16 percent in this month’s midterm elections.

Despite, or perhaps because of, their robust turnout, many Latinos have become disillusioned with party politics…

Hispanic Republicans complain that party officials court their vote but often advocate policies that marginalize the community.  [LV Sun]

Don Julio and Jose Cuervo are rumored to be bankrolling the entire effort.

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