New Mexico mayor says contracts he signed should be voided because he was drunk

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Martin Resendiz, the mayor of Sunland Park, New Mexico, maintains that he was drunk when he signed nine contracts with California architectural design firm, Synthesis+. The company is suing the city for $1 million for unpaid work performed, but the city argues that since the contracts weren't approved by the City Council, they should be invalidated.

What makes this story so much better than just some boring legal dispute is the fact that Resendiz would focus his defense around the fact that he was blotto. Was he also wasted when he thought up this idea? I guess he's playing the old they-took-advantage-of-a-drunk-guy card. In response to questions from Synthesis+ lawyers Resendiz wrote:

"The day I signed…I had way too much to drink. It was after five p.m and I signed it (the contracts) and I didn't know what I was signing. My sister had to pick me up."

At least he didn't drive drunk, right?

The best part of this is that Resendiz says he's planning to run for Congress! He's seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Rep. Steve Pearce for the right to represent southern New Mexico. If he ended up winning that would be some party!

In a June 2010 deposition by attorney Victor Poulos, Resendiz admitted to signing the nine contracts in May or June of 2008, following "a good two and a half, three hours" of drinking with Synthesis+ executives at a local restaurant. Deposed City Councilor Daniel Salinas said under oath that he was also at the meeting and was shitfaced as well. Whether telling the truth or exploiting Resendiz's memory impairment, Synthesis+ claims that the mayor actually signed the contracts in July 2008 at city hall, and that he was stone cold sober. Poulos said in thirty-three years of practicing law it was the first time he'd heard of someone admitting to signing a contract while drunk.