How much did you personally pay for the Afghanistan war?

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US Soldiers in the Afghan War

It's tax day, when the salaried and forward-thinking bask in the cash of their already-received returns, and procrastinating freelancers rush to the post office. A new website, however, urges you to think about more than whether or not you'll be able to afford a new computer. will use your income and filing status to calculate how much personally spent on the war in Afghanistan, which is turning ten and going on never-ending. 

According to the site, if you earned $40,000 in 2010, you spent $1,671 dollars on fighting in Afghanistan alone. If you made $100,000, you spent nearly six-thousand dollars. If you think the number feels a little high (which I can't imagine you won't, given the war's endless drag and plunging approval rate), the site will auto-generate a letter to your congressman, telling him you'd prefer your money spent in other ways.   

In either case, the 107-billion-dollar annual cost of the war is worth keeping in mind, in a political season when all anyone can talk about is balancing the budget. And yet, the "budget" they're discussing doesn't include military spending. And the thirty-eight billion we're so obsessed with cutting is just a trifle less than the forty-two billion the extension of Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy will cost the government. So, buy yourself that iPad 2, but remember to be a little pissed off and vote, too.