We all know Republicans are currently waging an assault on reproductive and gay rights, but what's the next battleground issue, you ask? The voting rights of college students, apparently. In an attempt to keep those pesky liberal idealists away from the polls, many states, especially those in the South and Midwest, are considering adding additional ID requirements that are often difficult for students to fulfill, just in time for the 2012 presidential election.

 A handy new info-graphic, courtesy Mother Jones, maps out the possible changes in law.  Look and sigh at the ever-expanding swath of red below. And then go out and try to do something to stop it.

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Mar 09 11 - 9:38am

It would be nice to know what sort of requirements. I'm from Canada, all I need to vote is some sort of government picture ID, drivers license or passport or whatever else.

Mar 09 11 - 10:16am

Yeah, Dan, believe it or not, a vast majority of Americans want the same requirement in the US as you apparently have in Canada. It's driving the left to apoplexy which is fun to watch but puzzling. I can't recall that I would have ever had trouble meeting the "difficult" ID requirements when I was in college. And, when you get down to it, isn't it elitist to worry about college students without a single thought for those of the same age but not in school?

As it is now, you can show up without ID, claim that you're on the voter roll and be allowed to vote. Under some systems, such votes are "provisional" which typically means they're not counted unless the election is close. Get it? These frequently fraudulent votes only count...when they change the outcome of the election. There's a huge amount of voter fraud in the US, almost all of which benefits the left. Time to put an end to voter fraud.

Mar 09 11 - 10:57am

interesting assertion you make about voter fraud. funny how there's very little proof of voter fraud around. and what there is tends to be on the right...but of course the right has never been strong on facts. where i vote i do have to show a photo id. not a big. my driver's license is adequate. the problem for students might come in if they had to have something...say a driver's license...for that state. that would be a problem.

Mar 09 11 - 12:08pm

that's why god made absentee ballots

Mar 09 11 - 12:19pm

Not voter fraud, but consider a small college town, where the student body can be as large as the local population. That's a pretty big voting bloc that can greatly impact election outcomes.

Is it fair in this case to have city council elected by a transient student body?

Is it fair to have tax measures decided by a large group that really won't be impacted by their own vote when they leave in April at the end of their senior year?

If you don't take out residence, which is indicated by changing your address and obtaining local identification (drivers license, state ID card), then you are a non-resident and you should be voting absentee in your home city/state/district

Mar 09 11 - 12:21pm

Though there can be voter fraud with students voting in both as an absentee in their local district, where they are registered and locally at college.

Mar 09 11 - 4:42pm

So the question is whether to allow student IDs as proof of identity at the voting booth?

Why didn't the article state this up front? It seems like a reasonable idea. If working people can't use their company IDs, why should students be able to use their University IDs?

This article totally obfuscates the issue. I wish Nerve would focus more on Sexy and less on Political Hackery.

Mar 09 11 - 4:44pm

(To answer my own question, working people can't use their company IDs because there's no standard regarding the anti-counterfeiting measures taken by companies on their IDs. The same is true for University IDs, I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

Mar 27 11 - 12:10pm

I find it highly suspicious that this article doesn't specify what exactly these id requirements may be.

Jun 20 11 - 9:37am

I dont think it is unreasonable to think that a college student would have another form of ID other than a school ID. A school ID will not get them into a bar on Saturday night why should it allow them to cast a vote!