Newt Gingrich doesn’t care that his entire campaign staff quit

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Never be the last guy at a party, especially if the party is thrown by Newt Gingrich. But what do you do if you are Newt Gingrich? Spin control. Last week, when Gingrich's entire campaign staff left him in the dust, it seemed that his presidential bid was all finished.

But Newt isn't giving up, and in a way similar to the drunk guy at the bar trying to buy you a shot at four a.m., he's claiming that he is doing just fine, and that he didn't even need those guys. They were too mean-spirited, they weren't on his level, and only one of them was kind of cool, anyway (longtime consultant Rick Tyler, apparently). He claims that their strategy of attack ads wasn't his bag, and that he wants to go the classier route, which in this case is writing a book about how America is great, not socialist, not European. (Sounds like a real page-turner, right?)

Look, I get it, Newt. You're having a hard time, you've been through some knocks: you had glitter thrown on you, it's being reported that you George Costanza'd your way into campaign funds, your name is Newt! And your entire campaign staff (people you were paying!) wouldn't even stick with you. But why keep on keeping on? Throw in the towel.