No one attends Christine O’Donnell’s book tour

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Christine O'Donnell

If you thought Sarah Palin's movie was a flop, then you should check out Christine O'Donnell's book tour. A mere five people showed up to her appearance at a Barnes & Noble in Naples, Florida. And according to the Florida News Press, one of them had delusional aspirations to start his own presidential campaign and another one was a bored prankster who wanted her to sign a copy of a book about demonology. (It's because she's a witch, right?) Quite a sharp crowd, she attracts.

However, if you thought this marks the end of the media's infatuation with sexually repressed, Republican ladies, you'd be wrong. Members of the press outnumbered the meager audience, even though that's not saying much. But don't worry we promise to only report on O'Donnell when it comes to evidence of her dying political career.