North Koreans not taking the death of Kim Jong-il all that well

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Kim Jong-il, Dear Leader, Our Father, Generalissimo, the North Korean dictator who was so easy to make fun of all because he kind of looked like a lady, but at the same time those pot shots were curbed slightly because he was an insane nationalistic leader with nukes at his disposal… has died at the age of seventy. The official report from North Korea is that he died "from overwork after dedicating his life to the people." (Read: heart attack.)

As you'd imagine, those in North Korea are upset about this death because they have been told to be upset about this death. What you wouldn't imagine is that, to show the rest of the world how broken-hearted they all are, the North Korean state media would release a spliced-together video of thousands awkwardly weeping in the streets. But that's just what they did:

Is it me, or does some of that over-the-top breast-beating and sobbing uncontrollably seem a bit, I don't know, forced?