Norway attacker Anders Behring Breivik’s 1,518-page manifesto released

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Surprise: Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who bombed Oslo and gunned down youth campers in a neighboring town, has issues. The killer has a lot of issues, in fact, about a lot of things, but he seems to be primarily preoccupied by the presence of Islam in Europe.

Want to know more about his preoccupations? You're in luck; "2083: A European Declaration of Independence," his 1,518-page manifesto, has hit the web. In it, the charlatan provides a five-point summary of what readers can expect:

1. The rise of cultural Marxism/multiculturalism in Western Europe

2. Why the Islamic colonization and Islamisation of Western Europe began

3. The current state of the Western European Resistance Movements (anti-Marxist/anti-Jihad movements)

4. Solutions for Western Europe and how we, the resistance, should move forward in the coming decades

5. + Covering all, highly relevant topics including solutions and strategies for all of the 8 different political fronts

Awesome! He continues:

The compendium/book presents advanced ideological, practical, tactical organisational and rhetorical solutions and strategies for all patriotic-minded individuals/movements. The book will be of great interest to you whether you are a moderate or a more dedicated cultural conservative/nationalist.

Included are also demographical studies, historical statistics, forecasts and insights on various subjects related to the ongoing and future struggle of Europe. It covers most topics related to historical events and aspects of past and current Islamic Imperialism, which is now removed or falsified by our academia by instruction of Western Europe’s cultural relativist elites (cultural relativism = cultural Marxism). It offers thorough analysis of Islam, which is unknown to a majority of Europeans. It documents how the political doctrines known as multiculturalism/cultural Marxism/cultural relativism was created and implemented. Multiculturalists/cultural Marxists usually operate under the disguise of humanism. A majority are anti-nationalists and want to deconstruct European identity, traditions, culture and even nation states.

And so forth! Read the rest here, if you've got a strong stomach and lots and lots of time.