The Obama campaign is selling a Joe Biden coozi

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Joe Biden might be making an appearance at your next backyard barbeque! Just kidding. He's not allowed to speak to that many people at one time. But America's dancing bear will be there in spirit if you pick yourself up one of these official Obama for America campaign coozis:


Joe biden america's dancing bear

As if we needed any more proof that our Vice President is a spectacular joke. But I still think it's hilarious that they've decided to hedge their bets and say it's for keeping soda cold. Soda and Wild Turkey, perhaps. Also, look! It's got a zoom bar, for checking out the fine American craftsmanship, or maybe the craggy visage of our VP.

I can't decide whether this is refreshing or appalling. If you're going to be the laughing stock of American politics… is it better or worse to allow that image to be openly endorsed by your own campaign? I don't know if giving Joe Biden's impossible awkwardness even more attention is going to make him any more well-regarded. Well, at ten bucks a coozi, at least he can say he's doing something useful.