Obama Girl says she’s not sure who she’ll vote for

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Remember Amber Lee Ettinger, Miss NYC from the 2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant? No? Well how about that same person in her later incarnation as Obama Girl, the Obama-besotted cyber-groupie? Since all that early hoopla, kicked off by her viral "I Got a Crush…on Obama" video in 2007, Ettinger has moved on to modeling, jewelry lines, and music, but hasn't quite escaped her viral alter ego who had a serious love jones for a certain Illinois senator. 

Ettinger knows the association with Obama Girl is pretty much indelible at this point, which is why people get in her ear about breaking ties with her former dreamboat. And when asked by Politico about who she'd be voting for in the upcoming election, Ettinger replied:

"I haven't really decided which way I'm going to go yet. I'm still keeping my eyes and ears open. I certainly don't dislike Obama. I think he's done a lot of really great stuff, but he doesn't get enough credit for the things he does. What he does is just never enough. For me, being Obama Girl, it's hard because I get people saying, 'Switch to the other side! Make videos for Ron Paul! Why are you with Obama? He sucks!'"

That's not a good sign when the person who made her name off her, uh, "enthusiasm" for you isn't automatically, wholeheartedly endorsing you. But I'm sure she'll come around. If it comes down to a charisma contest, we know who wins. (Not someone who doesn't sing Al Green.) Anyway, it's good to see Obama Girl back on the YouTube scene. You might want to check out her most recent video below, where she does a Lisbeth Salander impression in a politically-themed Girl With the Dragon Tattoo spoof. I like this darker Obama Girl.