Obama embarks on “I told you so” press tour after birth-certificate release

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President Barack Obama has released his birth certificate, and in a shocking discovery, yes, he is a citizen of America by way of Hawaii. After releasing the document, he seems to have begun a mini-publicity tour to discuss it.

Yesterday, the President went on Oprah to discuss the release, where the great deity of suburban housewives herself asked Obama if he was nervous: "When it first came up, were you thinking, I hope I was born here?" to which Obama answers with characteristic good humor, "I was there, so I knew."

Of course, that far from settles the matter. Now Obama is going to have to face endless "It was forged" fuckery from whoever else wants to focus on rumor-mongering instead of, you know, the fact that the country is broken. But until then, let's enjoy in another funny moment of Obama in New York City last night, addressing an excitable fundraiser crowd.