Obama the antichrist

Here's something you may not have considered while weighing President Barack Obama's re-election chances: what if he's the Antichrist?

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell addressed the possibility that Obama is the Antichrist on The Last Word. In a segment titled "Antichrist Politics," O'Donnell riffed with New York Times columnist Matthew Sutton on a possibility that, until a few days ago, most well adjusted Americans had never considered. Namely, is Obama the Antichrist? 

Short answer: could be, if you're an evangelist. As Sutton noted, "specious theories" about Obama's place of birth, combined with his "internationalist tendencies, his measured support for Israel and his Nobel Peace Prize" all fit with the evangelical "long-held expectations about the Antichrist." Apparently, Obama's plan to expand government health care is also another indication of the impending Rapture. Please don't ask me to explain how.

Now for the zinger: this whole Antichrist kerfluffle could actually help the Obama campaign. As O'Donnell points out, evangelicals want to see the Antichrist appear, because it means the coming of Christ is that much closer. However, last night O'Donnell confirmed that there only seems to be one guy who actually believes it's true. Maybe that should be the focus of Obama's re-election campaign: a Rapture we can believe in.

Commentarium (14 Comments)

Sep 28 11 - 3:49pm

I am hella confused.

I better start reading the Left Behind series now.

Sep 28 11 - 8:02pm

I'm really not interested in the job.

Sep 28 11 - 9:57pm

What? Obama HATES Israel.

Sep 28 11 - 11:23pm

No, not really.

Sep 28 11 - 11:41pm

Yes, yes really.

Sep 30 11 - 11:15am

Um? How?

Oct 01 11 - 6:20pm

"Hate" is probably too strong but I agree that Obama sees Israel as just another country in the Middle East. For starters, the suggestion that negotiations with the Palestinians begin with 1967 borders is simply ridiculous from the Israeli point of view. There's more but that's sufficient for now.

Sep 29 11 - 9:21am

I remember when Nerve was sexy and fun to read. Clearly, someone at Nerve thinks there's not enough harebrained political commentary on the Internet.

Sep 29 11 - 10:29am

I can only guess that they are not seeing the forest of their community weakening for the trees of a short term gain in hits because of the rabid back and forth on the politics articles. I can see how it was a good *idea* at one time, but in practice, this much emphasis on politics makes me (and I'm guessing others) spend less time here.

But hey, maybe they specifically want to change the direction of the site, and we just need to figure out if we're taking a hike or not.

Requiring a login, captcha, and waiting period to post comments (in addition to IP-filtering for kiddies) would do wonders for this place.

Sep 29 11 - 11:11am

So would resuming the "alternative" pin-ups the original Nerve posted liberally.

Sep 29 11 - 1:19pm

Nerve is coming up with a sign-in policy "when time and resources allow". I'm pretty convinced that the spammy trolling in here is primarily one person who goes by some regular aliases and also hijacks other people's aliases. A sign-in policy couldn't happen soon enough.

Sep 29 11 - 11:27am

How about he just comes out and says he's a Muslim?

Sep 29 11 - 1:20pm

Because he isn't one.