Occupy Wall Street actually has a whole lot of money

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Occupy Wall Street Protestors

One of the crazy right's favorite insults to lob against the Occupy Wall Streeters is that they're anti-capitalist communists who want to send the bankers to Maoist communal farms. And I guess that might be true, but if it is, they've done a great job raising money to make their Marxist dreams a reality. In the month since the Occupy Wall Street protests began, they've raised over $300,000.  

The money was raised entirely through grassroots efforts, mostly from individual donors online. While speculation has run rampant that the protest has more formalized funding, it doesn't seem to be the case. Ol' George Soros, the closest thing the left has to a Koch brother of its very own, said explicitly a couple days ago that he's not funding it, "directly or indirectly." Disappointing, perhaps, since OWS could surely use the money, but in a way, it's also a boon to the authenticity of the movement, since they've actually raised their money (unlike, say, the Tea Party). 

If it keeps up, $300 grand a month adds up to about $3.5 million a year — which isn't a mountain of money, as these things go, but it's not nothing. The question now is, what should they buy? Porta-potties? Kombucha and keffiyehs? Or, like true socialists, they could just give everyone in America a penny.