Oklahoma Republican pushing bill to outlaw “aborted human fetuses” in food

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In this time of economic hardship, it's good to know that you can always get a job as an elected official even if you are bug-fucking nuts. Today's example: Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey, who introduced a bill "prohibiting the sale or manufacture of food or products which contain aborted human fetuses." You guys, I know that sounds certifiably insane, like the sort of thing an actual paranoid-schizophrenic person might think, but hear him out — because he did some research on the internet:

Shortey cited research he did on the internet that claimed that some companies use embryonic stem cells to help develop artificial flavoring…

“I’m not entirely sure if there are any” companies doing this, [Shortey] continued. “But the fact is that there is a potential that there are companies that are using aborted human babies in their research and development of basically enhancing flavor for artificial flavors. And if that is happening — because it is a possibility — and if it’s happening then I just don’t think it should even be an option for a company.”

He went on to say that, if we take this idea — the idea, let's remember, of KFC or some shit taking aborted fetuses to flavor their Famous Bowls — to its logical conclusion, they could also force people to be organ donors, somehow, and then I guess use the organs also for flavoring? (A "logical" conclusion if ever I heard one.) It should go without saying that Shortey be trippin', and that this isn't really the best use of the government's time or money. It sound so absurd it feels like a kind of stunt a pro-lifer might pull off in order to make a splash, but I want to leave you with another quote from Sen. Shortey that really indicates just how seriously he is taking this concern:

“You may think it’s ethical to kill a child in the womb,” he said. “But the question now before us is: is it ethical to then use that aborted child for research and development to enhance flavors in food?”