Gay Archie wedding

The ambitiously named matronly wing of the homophobic American Family Association has failed, yet again, to prove that they have any influence. After OMM loudly called for a boycott, Archie Comics announced that "Life With Archie #16," which featured the marriage of gay character Kevin Keller, has sold out entirely — a feat that can't happen too often, because except when Archie is stirring up gay controversy, most of us forget it exists.

So it's a victory, but it's also hardly surprising. These moms and their gayness-quashing have a bad track record, perhaps in part because they keep taking on issues as controversial as apple pie. Before Archie, One Million Mom tried to crush JCPenney and Ellen DeGeneres — that wholesome, suburban seller of things that cost $19.99 and, well, Ellen, who has only offended two groups of people in her whole life, jig choreographers and women's shoe designers.

Not only did the moms fail, but they actually seemed to give a big viral boost to JCPenney's campaign. Those stupid ads where Ellen visits historical epochs wearing stupid hats have now become stupid ads for equality, just as all the furor over gay Archie has actually made it slightly relevant again, and surely helped sales. 

Oh, and just for the record, the name is a total misnomer. They are a couple thousand moms, tops. That's right, not only are these moms homophobic, they're liars, and they hate apple pie. Worst. Moms. Ever. 

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Mar 11 12 - 1:35pm

Monica Cole is not anywhere as powerful as she is claiming. Her claimed victory over having Kraft Foods ceasing sponsorship of GCB was fabricated when Cole took Kraft Foods statement out of content and twisted it to elevate her victory status.

omm's claim: <>
Here is the ENTIRE statement released from Kraft Foods: "Reports about commercials for its Philadelphia Cream Cheese being pulled from the show as a result of the controversy are FALSE. As part of a larger multishow media buy on ABC-TV, there were some spots included in the rotation for the new GCB series,” Kraft says. “It's customary to advertise on premiere episodes due to their large viewership, like Philadelphia Cream Cheese did this week.

“The brand has decided to redirect advertising to other programs with an established audience,” the statement continues. “Although we received a few consumer complaints, this decision was not linked in any way to the content of this particular show.”