OWS pays $8,000 for swanky new domain name

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With the Occupy Wall Street movement rapidly growing and protestors reaching out to each other via Facebook and Twitter, the leaders of Occupy Wall Street have collected $8,000 toward the purchase of a new domain name:, which will replace as the movement's official website.

The new domain name, which protestors agreed to buy at their general assembly on Tuesday night, will establish a more official image for the movement, protestor Jake DeGroot says. "We would hesitate to use the name branding, because of the corporate connotations of that," he told the Wall Street Journal, "but there are advantages to the identity of the movement. It's important to have a full, robust Web presence and strategy." He bought the domain name off a businessman in Sarasota, Florida, who purchased six days after the protests started in Zucotti Park. 

Although some protestors at the general assembly balked at spending $8,000 of the movement's budget, DeGroot estimates that the web site will bring in enough donations to pay back the cost in full. Yet what we really should be talking about is not the $8,000, but that OWS purchased a .net domain name instead of the more costly, 1% friendly- .com. I can't remember the last time I typed in a .net address, but I'm guessing it was sometime around the release of No Doubt's last album.