Like his fellow conservative Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan is a well-read student of history, but how he interprets what he's read is a regular source of controversy. Whether he's arguing that the Holocaust was all France's and Britain's fault, or worrying that Americans of European descent "will be a minority in the nation their ancestors created and built," Pat always gets a lot of attention.

Still smarting from his February dismissal by MSNBC due to disapproval of his book, Suicide of a Superpower, Buchanan did some venting in a recent column (or diatribe against political correctness) for conservative website World Net Daily. Titled "Rush and the New Blacklist," the piece argues that "the [left-wing] media that piled on Rush objected less to the term than to the target he picked: one of their own." Buchanan provides historical context by noting that the original "Hollywood blacklist" was a victory of the American right. But over a half-century later, alas, the "cultural ascendancy of the left" has firmly established itself. "The Legion of Decency" is dead and "The Filthy Speech Movement from Berkeley 1964 has triumphed." (The hippies are the winners but we spend billions on war?)

This won't do. With a bitter edge, Buchanan writes:

"If you still believe homosexuality is unnatural and immoral and gay marriage absurd, you are a homophobe who is to keep his mouth shut.

If you think some ethnic and racial groups have greater natural athletic, academic or artistic talents, don't go there, if you do not wish an early end to your journalistic career.

If you think illegal aliens should be sent home and legal immigration should mirror the ethnic makeup of the nation, you are a xenophobe and a racist.

All of these terms — racist, sexist, homophobe — are synonyms for heretic. Any of them can get you hauled before an inquisition.

Why? [Jeremiah] Wright and Obama were black, and such attacks might agitate the latent racism of white America. The Republican Party censors itself so as not to antagonize a cultural establishment that wants to see it dead."

Seems ol' Pat's been sharpening his pitchfork there.

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Mar 16 12 - 4:25pm

Pat was a fascist forty years ago, and he's not getting better. But he's proving that you can get senile in your thirties and still manage to live unassisted for another forty years, so kudos to you, Pat Fuckanan.

Mar 18 12 - 7:42pm

Nothing at all to refute PB at all?

Mar 16 12 - 4:35pm

Actually, I think he's right; believing all those things makes him a homophobic, xenophobic, sexist racist.
The Hollywood blacklist - besides preventing anything even remotely "collectivist" from getting made - did little more than put a lot of Jews out of work so the good Christians could make propaganda movies with John Wayne. Or was that the point?

Mar 16 12 - 4:52pm
traces heigoom

Since when is it racist to want to send ILLEGAL immigrants back where they came from?

Mar 16 12 - 5:43pm
523 ersogam

Yeah, traces, play dumb. Wanting to send illegal immigrants back where they came from: mstly assholish, but fine. Now this "legal immigration should mirror the ethnic makeup of the nation" is clearly racist. And making the two one issue, like Fuckanan here ,is also.

Mar 16 12 - 11:08pm
varick clutorn

"Wanting to send illegal immigrants back where they came from: mstly assholish, but fine."

Why is it "mostly assholish?" What is it about ILLEGAL that you asshats don't get? I'm all for controlled immigration, my stepmother and many friends are immigrants, and of course all of our ancestors were immigrants. But come here LEGALLY; if you can't do that then get the fuck out. And we must be able to reserve the right to control how many people come into the country; we can barely support the folks that are already here.

As to your other point, I agree completely.

(As an aside, the episode of Family Guy that deals with immigration is on right now. Rapid Dave, hahahahaha...)

Mar 17 12 - 10:25pm

It's hard to come here legally. Besides, "we" aren't supporting illegal immigrants. They support themselves, and even pay taxes, even though they don't get public services the way citizens do.

The people who really benefit from illegal immigrants are the people who give them jobs and underpay them; such employers don't deserve to keep this up without consequences. What might be more helpful is making citizenship easier to obtain. (I agree that "illegal" means "illegal," but I'll admit some bias here because it's not a stepparent or friends of mine that are immigrants, but my actual parents, legally. Who are from two different countries, so they wouldn't have met at all, if not for coming here. So yay for America.)

I do appreciate you pointing out "all of our ancestors were immigrants." I know it's obvious, but I feel like a lot of people forget it. Particularly people like Pat Buchanan.
And controlled immigration has always included an aspect of controlling the country's ethnic makeup. Sad, but true. Still, that "mirror the ethnic makeup" stuff is awful because you're not supposed to say that out loud, really, Pat Buchanan, really.

Mar 16 12 - 5:47pm

I was raised Catholic. Thank ...well, not God...that the Legion of Decency is dead