Pentagon Papers finally set to be released in full

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Daniel Ellsberg

The Pentagon Papers — a leaked government report revealing Presidents Johnson and Kennedy to have deceived the U.S. in order to escalate the war in Vietnam — will be released to the public in its entirety, forty years to the day after the leaked information was first published in The New York Times. Leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers led to a Supreme Court battle that significantly advanced the freedom of the press.

The release of the 7,000-page report by the National Archives and presidential libraries has been a long and often delayed process, and an official at the National Declassification Center said, "If you read anything on the Pentagon Papers, the last line is always, 'To date, the papers have yet to be declassified by the Department of Defense.' It's about time that we put that to rest."

Even though no new revelations are likely to come out of this, it's still a pretty cool release for you history buffs out there.