“Pin-ups for Ron Paul” use sexiness to spread libertarian gospel

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Libertarian GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul can obviously use all the help he can get, and a group of twelve lovely ladies who happen to be Paul fanatics are happy to oblige.

"Pin-ups for Ron Paul" is a project headed by Juliet Annerino, a personal trainer and musician, who previously organized the "Hotties 4 Ron Paul" pin-up calendar in 2008. The current SFW calendar features a dozen students, writers, artists, and businesswomen who put their pulchritude to good use in spreading the philosophy of Dr. Paul. The calendar also includes quotes from important historical figures such as Einstein, MLK, and Gandhi. So if you're into limited government and limited clothing, $24.95 will buy you a bevy of libertarian lovelies, with twenty percent of the proceeds going to Paul's campaign.

"Pin-ups for Ron Paul" has also just released a new promotional video, which you can see below, that includes behind the scenes making-of footage, as well as shout-outs from Stephen Colbert and Russia Today. The seventy-six-year-old Paul is a longshot to occupy the White House, but if you're one of his supporters, you'll still have "a chance to see a pretty girl while also reading an educational and inspirational quote from Ron Paul," as Annerino put it.

I must say, I experienced a bit of cognitive dissonance when I first saw the Texas congressman on the cover of a pin-up calendar. One usually associates Paul with the young male twentysomethings who are conspicuously vocal at his debates. But it's a clever idea. Perhaps soon we'll be seeing a "Beefcake for Bachmann" calendar. And if you're a Paul supporter but already have too many calendars, there's always Ron Paul Swag, where you can purchase a Ron Paul golf ball set, or a black "Revolution" hoodie. Because nothing says libertarian like golfing at an exclusive country club.