Pissed-off Tea Partiers resent comparison to Occupy Wall Street protesters

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Tea Partiers have let it be known that the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have lately stolen their thunder are nothing but a rabble of littering lawbreakers. The Tea Party Patriots, the nation's largest Tea Party organization supposedly fifteen-million strong, have released a statement that basically says Tea Party good, Occupy Wall Street bad.

According to co-founders Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, "Tea Party rallies have always been safe and clean. Unlike in New York, we can find no reports of Tea Partiers being arrested, individually or en masse, at the thousands of tea parties across the country with millions of attendees that have taken place for years now."

Tea Partiers are quick to distance themselves from the big-bank shamers after inevitable comparisons between the two groups were made by the chattering classes. They both share grass-roots origins and anti-establishment rancor, but, unlike the minions of the Koch Brothers, the Occupiers, say Martin and Meckler, "when they are intelligible, want less of what made America great and more of what is damaging to America: a bigger, more powerful government to come in and take care of them so they don't have to work like the rest of us who pay our bills." Another distinction is Occupy Wall Street is a lot cooler, with Kanye West and Russell Simmons among its supporters.

Another recent Occupy Wall Street basher is Romney buddy Herman Cain, who has been vocal about his distaste for the "growing mobs" who "don't have real clear objectives." He asked Sean Hannity on Monday, "Do they want the people in Wall Street to come out of their offices and write them a check?" Cain has lately been espousing his pro-capitalist, bootstrap philosophy in response to the Occupiers, blaming them for not having jobs, and even asserting on Face the Nation that they are "jealous" of Wall Streeters' success. Cain also stated that racism does not play a large role in African-American unemployment, which promped Cornel West to say Monday on CNN that Cain should "get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming."