Playgirl offers Michele Bachmann’s son $100,000 to pose naked

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Michele Bachmann and Lucas Bachmann

Just in time for election season to get underway, Playgirl is publicly courting Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-Minn.) twenty-eight-year-old son Lucas to pose nude, and might pay him up to $100,000 to do it. The magazine's VP of marketing Daniel Nardicio said that Bachmann would be a "perfect candidate" for Playgirl, adding, "Lucas is attractive and I thought it would be sensational."

Two years ago the magazine grabbed headlines for its nude photoshoot of Levi Johnston, and Nardicio acknowledged that the relation of another uber-conservative politician would be a big hit with readers, saying, "People love hypocrisy."

For his part Bachmann, who is currently a psychiatric resident at the University of Connecticut, has publicly declined the offer, but Nardicio remains optimistic: "The ego, the desire of 'oh my God, I'm gonna be in Playgirl' can sometimes win out. I don't think it's out of the question." Fingers crossed!