Please let this gaffe on Libya be how Herman Cain’s campaign dies

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We've all had our issues with Herman Cain. He has a tax plan that could have been created by a second-grader; he has a slew of sexual-harassment charges filed against him; he makes shitty-ass pizza. And yet he's one of the front runners in the Republican field for the 2012 presidential race. (Those guys are killing it. Great job.) But maybe, just maybe, the insanely uncomfortable answer he gave on whether he not he supported Obama's response to the Libyan uprising — which has been in the news pretty recently! — will be the final nail. This is some Christopher Guest shit right here:

"Okay, Libya…" – Herman Cain

"President Obama… supported… the uprising… correct?" – Herman Cain

"Got all this stuff twirling around in my head." – Herman Cain

"I'm a much more deliberate problem…" – Herman Cain

"[Awkward shrug-smile frequently seen on spelling bee contestants when confronted with the word "logorrhea."]" – Herman Cain

Herman Cain, everyone! Let's give the man a big round of applause.