Polls: Obama more likable, friendly, and popular with women than Mitt Romney

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Obama Romney

Just in time for Rick Santorum to drop out and virtually guarantee Mitt Romney the nomination, a new poll indicates that ol' Mittens isn't doing so well against President Obama when it comes to personality. According to new data, 51 percent of voters would choose Obama (versus 44 percent for Romney), and the President leads by a full nineteen points among women.

The President also leads 64 percent versus Romney's 26 in the "seems more friendly and likable" category, and voters are significantly more confident in his ability to "handle" international affairs and health care policy. In other words, all of Romney's notorious weak points — health care, knowledge of international affairs, and anything relating at all to women — are where the President shines. 

But as ever, it's the economy, stupid! 47 percent (versus 43 percent for Obama) favor Romney on "handling the economy," and Obama's advantage on job creation is minimal. 

While none of this is earth-shattering news, let's not forget that, with Santorum out of the way, this clash of the titans is only just heating up. Now that he can really roll up his sleeves, we can only imagine what tactics Romney will employ to try and win back the female vote. Will "Pretty Woman" be his new "America the Beautiful?" Will he somehow talk Ryan Gosling into stumping? Brace yourselves.

Image by Dave Herr.