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Just in time for Rick Santorum to drop out and virtually guarantee Mitt Romney the nomination, a new poll indicates that ol' Mittens isn't doing so well against President Obama when it comes to personality. According to new data, 51 percent of voters would choose Obama (versus 44 percent for Romney), and the President leads by a full nineteen points among women.

The President also leads 64 percent versus Romney's 26 in the "seems more friendly and likable" category, and voters are significantly more confident in his ability to "handle" international affairs and health care policy. In other words, all of Romney's notorious weak points — health care, knowledge of international affairs, and anything relating at all to women — are where the President shines. 

But as ever, it's the economy, stupid! 47 percent (versus 43 percent for Obama) favor Romney on "handling the economy," and Obama's advantage on job creation is minimal. 

While none of this is earth-shattering news, let's not forget that, with Santorum out of the way, this clash of the titans is only just heating up. Now that he can really roll up his sleeves, we can only imagine what tactics Romney will employ to try and win back the female vote. Will "Pretty Woman" be his new "America the Beautiful?" Will he somehow talk Ryan Gosling into stumping? Brace yourselves.

Image by Dave Herr.

Commentarium (10 Comments)

Apr 11 12 - 9:42am

Romney's tactics vs the Chicago machine of Obama?

And GW was likable, but that doesn't count for much or shouldn't vs being effective.

Apr 11 12 - 1:09pm

Lookit, today's talking point memo has arrived in blah's in-box. Today's buzzword is "Chicago machine".

Apr 11 12 - 12:54pm

What a surprise that voters won't vote for the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama.

Apr 11 12 - 2:15pm
Midwest Guy

Wow. Innept and dangerously naive on foreign policy, ignorant and un-educated on fiscal and economic policy, and given to off the cuff race baiting as a matter of habit, but popular with women. Sounds like a case for re-election to me (read sarcasm for the clueless urban elites).

Apr 11 12 - 3:57pm
Stick to the coasts

Race-baiting? Are you perhaps talking about the part where he's a Black person that cares about Black people?

Apr 11 12 - 4:49pm
Midwest Guy

If by "cares" you mean "shamelessly panders to the most base instints of", then yes he "cars" for black people the same way he "cares" for unions, environmentalist fringe groups and any other reliably Democrat voting blocks. If by "cares" you mean "develops workable, non-partisan, effective solutions for the problems of...", then no, his policies do not suggest that he "cares" for nearly anyone.

Apr 11 12 - 4:52pm

Thanks for the Fox News talking points. In reality, Obama's a centrist with a solid list of positive accomplishments, despite the know-nothing GOP obstruction. He'll be reelected because he's good at what he does, not just because he's running unopposed.

Apr 11 12 - 5:07pm
Midwest Guy

No, thank you for restating the propaganda from The Daily Kos. In reality, he is only centrist if you have never lived anywhere outside of Manhattan or any other extremely liberal enclave. As compared to the rest of educated America, he is extremely liberal and partisan. Any educated and self aware person can see that easily. Your belief as to whether he is "effective" depends on what you want accomplished. To most of America, he has been an extremely in-effective president. Like most sitting Presidents, he will be elected or not depending on the actual voting publics perception of where the country is heading and perceptions of his policies on that direction. With real un-employment over 8% and close to 88MM people having left the job force, combined with approval ratings well under 50% for the last two years, his election hopes are in serious jeopardy. That is common sense, not propaganda.

Apr 13 12 - 3:26am

Midwest Guy, let's hear you talk about GW Bush. I'm very interested to hear your "educated" and "self-aware" opinions on our last president.

Apr 13 12 - 11:36am
Midwest Guy

Not a problem. Dealt with difficult situations as a hawk, which I supported. Did not like the nation building aspect of the war in Iraq, but the opportunity costs of the alternatives were much more dangerous. Initial Afgan campaign was well executed, but again, nation building is where the devil in the details bite you. The biggest failure of his presidency was the focus on foreign affairs without a strong fiscal and economic policy. Supply side economic policies where sound, but had to be accompanied by strong controls of the growth of federal programs and entitlements (which he did not do). Overall, he was a decent enough guy, and had a decent foreign policy (to be fair, you can't hindsight every decision, and you have to consider the "opportunity costs" of strategies), but from a fiscal and economic standpoint, he was not good. Talkied like a fiscal conservative, but the results where extremely bad. Should have seen the sub-prime mess created by democrats (and honestly a few repubs) in Congress much, much earlier. That was a huge failure.

However, the fiscal / economic policies of the Obama administration prolonged, aggravated and deeped the crisis. Any econ student can see that, let alone a business professional with 20+ years of experience, an econ degree and an MBA.

Overall, parts of the GWB presidency where fine, but in the end, another big government president of the type we just can't afford anymore.