Pro-choice protestors arrested in Virginia

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The good news? People in Virginia are protesting their state's draconian abortion bill. The bad news? They're getting arrested for it. 

Virginia got a lot of attention recently when its legislature proposed a bill resembling a Margaret Atwood plot. The idea was that any woman who wanted an abortion would have to get a highly invasive transvaginal ultrasound for no medical reason. Because the American public still has enough shame to react badly to a state-mandated, involuntary penetration, the bill has been amended. 

The revised Virginia bill says women who want an abortion just have to get a regular-old external ultrasound. (You know, much better, because that means the state is only required to mentally fuck you.) But these damn abortion-mongers were still upset, and they turned out this weekend to protest the amended bill at the Virginia Capitol building. Thirty-one protestors were arrested after police said they refused to leave the south steps of the Capitol. Several activists expressed concern at the number of officers at the peaceful protest. Police showed up in riot gear and had armored cars on site. (I mean, you never know; some of those protestors could have been on their period.)

The bill requiring ultrasounds before abortions was passed by the Virginia House and Senate last week. Governor McDonnell has until Thursday to sign it.