Little Couple star not happy with proposed repeal of dwarf-tossing ban

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Bill Klein is a four-foot reality star who, along with wife Jennifer Arnold, appears in a show called The Little Couple on the go-to network for dwarf programming, TLC. Klein wrote an editorial for Slate on Sunday, expressing his moral opposition to the proposed repeal of Florida's dwarf-tossing ban, spearheaded by Florida state Rep. Ritch Workman, whose very name provides felicitous punning opportunities (which wasn't lost on Stephen Colbert last week).

To be clear, Rep. Workman is not pro-dwarf tossing, but makes an anti-regulatory argument in favor of the degrading practice, saying that at a time of such high unemployment, denying willing dwarves the opportunity to earn a paycheck just isn't right. He says "it's none of the state's business if somebody wants to do this."

Klein says "poppycock" to Workman's unusual jobs platform, which would overturn Florida's 1989 ban on the activity which involves typically-intoxicated individuals tossing little people for distance and height onto mattresses and velcro walls. He points out that "the potential injury to a person with dwarfism means taxpayers likely will assume the cost of care thereafter." Klein also writes that, "While one little person might seek to be the 'participant' in dwarf tossing, many others will continue to be ridiculed, objectified, and denied employment due to their association with this sort of behavior." And Florida's district director for Little People of America warns that "the possibility of getting paralyzed is high."

Fortunately, dwarf tossing isn't that common of an occurrence, which is why almost none of the states have yet ruled on the legality of tossing a fellow human being who happens to have a skeletal dysplasia. New York followed Florida in outlawing the practice, and I can't see any of Workman's fellow pols getting onboard his curious proposal. Maybe Workman would think twice about the idea if he were repeatedly launched through the air by some liquored-up louts himself.