Rep. Aaron Schock wants his abs to inspire you in Men’s Health

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Congressman Aaron Schock is many things: the youngest member of the House, noted flamboyant belt wearer, and one of several conservative dudes I'd like to f…ind for a date. (Hi, Mom.) And Rep. Schock can now add Men's Health coverboy to that list, as he and his kind of ridiculously cut torso grace June's issue. It turns out that, even with a high stress job, all you need to do to keep your obliques looking killer is work out for over an hour five to seven days a week, switching between P90X training sessions, intense weightlifting routines, and sit-up/pushup combos combined with five-mile runs. It's that easy, folks!

But Rep. Schock also wants to take this moment to explain that he keeps his abs looking so deliciously incredible for you, good American citizen. (If you're not one of those, no looking! Sorry, readers from Canada.) Because he wants to inspire you to maybe get up off the couch:

In fact, this month Schock is launching an initiative—the Fit for Summer, Fit for Life challenge to help Americans take control of their health…

"One of my favorite quotes is from Ben Franklin, who said, 'A good example is the best sermon,' " Schock says. "And I think if you want to start talking about healthy lifestyles and staying in shape, then you yourself should do your best to try to be a model, an example to people you're trying to convince to do the same."

He also talked about his policies or whatever, but no one's going to buy the "I was flipping through this Men's Health for the political coverage!" argument. His photo shoot may not get me to run any laps, but it certainly might inspire something else.