Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress

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Well, it looks like you won't have Rep. Anthony Weiner to kick around any more, or at least inflict bad puns on: The New York Times broke the story that Weiner has told friends, as well as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, that he plans to resign his congressional seat today, after being pressured to do so by Democratic colleagues, the President (indirectly), and a number of cab drivers.

The decision comes just as Democratic leaders were getting ready to discuss the possibility of stripping Weiner of some juicy committee assignments, which would effectively render him an insignificant backbencher. After long talks with his highly embarrassed wife, Huma Abedin, after she returned from a trip abroad, Weiner apparently decided this was the proper course of action. Weiner's resignation would force a special election in New York's 9th congressional district, which leans Democratic. Rumors of his next gig as an Oscar Meyer spokesperson are unconfirmed. We will keep you posted if any further news comes across the pike that could possibly keep the embers of Weinergate glowing.