Rep. Donna Edwards quoted White Stripes to prevent government shut down

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So the government didn't shut down. Awesome. But do you know why the government is not currently in the midst of some post-apocalyptic freeze that would have closed parks, halted government-employee paychecks, and taken away our ability to get free STI testing?

The White Stripes, man.

In a truly ballsy move, Representative Donna Edwards, a Maryland Democrat, put her faith in art and recited the lyrics to the band's "Effect and Cause."

Pretty impressive, right? I think from now on every member of Congress should come prepared with a song or poem they feel best represents their views on the issue at hand. It would really lighten up the mood and also increase bipartisanship. Let me leave you with a quote from my personal hero, Stevie Wonder:

"Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand."

I'm sure Edwards would agree.