Report: Same-sex couples are adopting at an impressive rate

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Today we brought you sex advice from three gay dads, but it turns out that, just as we'd suspected, there are way more than three gay dads (and gay moms) in America. How many exactly? We can't be sure, but the Times reports that the latest census data indicated that "19% of same-sex couples raising children reported having an adopted child in the house in 2009, up from just 8% in 2000" — a more than 100% increase in less than a decade.

It looks like this upward trend is a sign of acceptance at varying levels of the system, from adoption centers to the government. The law, however, is still not on their side. The paper highlighted the story of a gay couple in Ohio that had to adopt their children individually, since they legally weren't allowed to adopt jointly.

They bind their two legally distinct families together with custody agreements. They do not provide full parental rights, however, because like many states, Ohio does not allow second-parent adoptions by unmarried couples unless the first parent renounces his or her right to the child. They have to maintain two family health insurance policies.

"Same-sex parents who adopt tend to be more affluent and educated than the larger population of same-sex parents," the Times quickly noted. In other words, equality isn't here yet, but you can buy something that looks like it — if you can afford it.