Republicans up in arms about children’s movies pushing a “lefty political agenda”

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Penguin families with stay-at-home dads? Songs that embrace unity and cooperation? Cars that run not on oil, but renewable energy? The only sensible conclusion to make of this must be that Hollywood is brainwashing children to promote dangerous liberal propaganda! That's what a slew of conservative bloggers have decided, anyway; they're attacking kiddie movies for being too communist, too environmentally aware, and too feminist.

The biggest bone they have to pick is with The Muppets and Cars 2 for demonizing big oil tycoons. Which, maybe, is fair? Because they do? I mean, it's not like the once-richest oilman is now in prison or anything.

Though it's sort of cute that NY Post writer Kyle Smith proposes that this song, from Happy Feet 2, sounds like an Occupy Wall Street anthem (even though the song preceded the movement and would be equally appropriate for a Tea Party rally, because it's just about working together to accomplish something):

"Let's work together

To improve our way of life…

This is the test

No struggle no progress

Lend a hand to help

Your brother do his best…

People of the world unite

Strength in numbers

We can get it right one time

we are a part of the rhythm nation."

But it's less cute that he thinks a including a mama penguin who earns a living for her family is decidedly liberal (and thus negative). Also not so cute that tolerance of immigrants is liberal (and, again, thus negative)!:

"As the movie goes on, it sets up the various kinds of penguins as different nations: There are the Emperor Penguins, who seem to loosely stand for Anglos (their most ancient truth-teller, Noah, has a Scottish accent and gives a Churchillian speech about fighting off the invading birds of prey). Another tribe, which has a somewhat friendly rivalry with the Emperors, is the Adelie penguins, whose most prominent member, Ramon (Robin Williams) sounds Hispanic, as does his love interest, Carmen (Sofia Vergara). These two groups must work together to defeat the attacking Skua birds. The message is, I think, that Euro-Americans and Latino Americans must all work together (with the latter actually saving the former), so the film is in a way a paen to open immigration or at least tolerance of immigrants."

It's never a surprise when radical conservatives claim that things that are progressive and accepting of different walks of life are bad. But that doesn't make it any less depressing.