Republicans will try to ban same-sex marriage in D.C.

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I know I'm happy that the GOP, now that they have control of the House, are spending their time (and your money!) pushing through legislation meant to be wholly symbolic, since everyone knows that it will never get past the Senate or the President's veto. They already did it once by voting to repeal healthcare reform, and now they're going to try again by banning same-sex marriage in D.C.:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), told The Hill that he will push for a vote on the controversial issue in the 112th Congress. The RSC has 175 members.

“I think RSC will push for it, and I’m certainly strongly for it. I don’t know if we’ve made a decision if I’ll do it or let another member do it, but I’m 100 percent for it,” Jordan said.

That's hateful! But also funny, because it will never actually happen.

Here's the thing: I've no doubt that the Republicans actually want to do all of these things. I wouldn't expect — nor would I want — elected officials to abandon their political stances once they actually get into office. But we're all adults here, so I feel I can say this with confidence: cut this bullshit out, GOP. You're gonna do what you do, and I won't like it, but at least work on stuff that actually means something. Because otherwise you are just wasting everyone's time! Stop reading out the entire Constitution (minus the parts you didn't like), stop passing legislation that everyone agrees — agrees! Before any vote happens! — will never make it past the House, and stop acting like children at pretend make-believe playtime.

Or, you know, don't. Waste your domination of the House, for all I care. See you in 2012.