Responding to ultrasound laws, Pennsylvania senator proposes humiliating erectile dysfunction exams for men

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Dr. Farnese

Responding to a proposed bill in his state that would render invasive ultrasounds mandatory for women seeking abortions, State Sen. Larry Farnese has proposed a legal counterpart requiring men to undergo a battery of humiliating medical tests in order to obtain treatment (i.e. Viagra) for erectile dysfunction. Farnese follows in the footsteps of several female politicians who have put forward similar plans to highlight the absurdity of the new legislation.

"I'm submitting legislation that will require men to undergo a few similarly invasive tests in order to show that this effort is ridiculous and that we should be protecting and expanding, not watering down, health services for women," said Farnese.

Thus, his proposed bill would require patients seeking Viagra to undergo a prostate exam, a cardiac stress test, sex therapy to determine if the erectile dysfunction in question is psychological, view a video about potential side effects of the medication, and, most notably, provide a signed affadavit from a sexual partner confirming that they are unable to get it up.

Calling the transvaginal ultrasound legislation "unnecessary and humiliating," Farnese continued, "No woman should be forced to undergo [the procedure] if they don't want or need the test. But for some reason, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives think that their degrading legislation is the right thing for female patients who are rightfully accessing their protected health services."

Will paunchy, sexually fallow male legislators actually take a second think about Farnese's point before telling women how to handle their own health? Realistically, no.  But we can still appreciate this for what it is and give Farnese points for the effort.

Image by Dave Herr