Rick Perry and Rupert Murdoch had dinner together

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Rick Perry and Rupert Murdoch

Surely such a world-changing meeting of the minds hasn't taken place since the great Sarah Palin/Donald Trump pizza party of yore. During Rick Perry's whirlwind New York City visit (which also included a run-in with the Kardashians), the Republican presidential hopeful dined with Murdoch at the Post House, which is primarily known for serving a beef Wellington for $49.50.

The thrills! So, what did these two crazy kids talk about? Since neither party will comment on the specifics, we can only speculate. Perry's recent op-ed for the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal? Evolution and how it didn't happen? Murdoch's new settlement for close to $5 million with the family of the murder victim whose phone his company hacked? The details may be lost to the ages. Or, most likely, we'll just start seeing more amped-up Perry coverage on Fox News — brace yourselves.