Rick Perry defends peeing Marines, calls government reaction “over-the-top”

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In many instances, the adage "boys will be boys" is totally appropriate.  Like when your eight-year old nephew accidentally spills a carton of milk on your kitchen floor, or when you accidentally stumble on your boyfriend's desktop folder porn stash while you're trying to send an e-mail from his computer. According to GOP hopeful and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, however, the timeless "boys will be boys" excuse is also applicable to the U.S. Marines who were filmed urinating on what appears to be the corpses of Taliban fighters (still from the clip above).

Last Sunday, on CNN's State of the Union, Perry defended the soldiers in the video, which inspired nationwide outrage after its release last week. "Obviously 18, 19-year old kids make stupid mistakes all too often and that's what's occurred here," Perry said about the footage, which is currently being investigated by military officials. "What is really disturbing to me is the over-the-top rhetoric from this administration and their disdain for the military." John McCain and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have decried the incident, with Clinton saying that the Marines' actions were "incompatible with American values," while defense secretary Leon Panetta said the video was "utterly deplorable."

Although the Geneva Conventions expressly forbid the desecration of the dead, Perry says that while he does not condone the Marines' actions in the video, administration officials blew the incident out of proportion. "These kids made a mistake, there's not any doubt about it," he said. "[They] shouldn't have done it, it's bad — but to call it a criminal act, I think, is over the top." Perry also added that General George S. Patton and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill engaged in similar behavior during World War II, reportedly urinating in the Rhine River and on the Siegfred Line, respectively, to show their contempt for the Nazis.

So, just to be clear: there's no difference between peeing in a river and peeing on a couple of dead bodies, just as there's little difference between four Marines filming themselves pissing all over Taliban fighters and laughing about it, and the similarly ill-advised antics of adorable comic strip scamp Dennis the Menace. Because you know, they're just "kids" who "make stupid mistakes all too often," and boys will be boys and all. Good to know, Rick Perry. Thanks for clearing that one up.