Rick Perry gets heckled at a coffee house

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Rick Perry

Somehow, Rick Perry's homophobic campaign ad "Strong" isn't winning him the broad public approval he was aiming for. If the countless online criticisms and YouTube dislikes didn't make this clear enough, a group of angry patrons of the Cafe Diem of Ames, Iowa certainly did when they heckled Perry during a campaign event.

After Perry gave his speech to the crowd at Cafe Diem and the cheers died down, some attendants voiced their dissent. "Why do you hate gay people so much?" one yelled. Others chimed in with "Go back to Texas!" and "Why are you demonizing gay and lesbian people?" They never got an answer, as Perry booked it out of the cafe soon after the heckling began. When a few supporters waiting for Perry outside the coffee house asked him for photos, he rushed into his car, muttering that he had to "head back to the land." (La-la Land? Iceland? Candyland? What are you trying to say, Rick?)

Though it would be easy to read Perry's quick exit as one born out of cowardice, maybe that isn't fair. It could have been due to time constraints instead. After all, he's got a lot of pews to fill and Brokeback Mountain jackets to wear.