Rick Perry’s awful new ad now has more YouTube dislikes than Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

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The title of "Most Disliked YouTube Video" is rather decisively taken by Justin Bieber's "Baby," which has over two million down votes, but the runner-up spot has just been taken by Rick Perry's much reviled new ad, "Strong." You know, the one in which he talks about what a travesty it is that gays can serve openly in the military while wearing almost literally Heath Ledger's exact costume from Brokeback Mountain:

And what video did Perry's ad take the second place spot with over four-hundred thousand dislikes? Rebecca Black's ode to those with complete and utter lack of musicality, "Friday," which was formerly the second most-hated with two-hundred and fifty thousand. Unfortunately for Perry, once you take into account the ratio of Likes to Dislikes, the picture is even bleaker, because there are some perverse people out there who actually enjoyed Black's song; Perry's ad — which has also been up on YouTube a fraction of the time "Friday" has — not so much. (Well, okay, it has ten thousand up votes. I guess there are lots of different kinds of perverse people out there. Perry sure thinks so!)

Numbers don't lie, Rick. You are officially worse than this: