Rick Perry doesn’t know the legal voting age or when the election actually is

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Rick Perry

Making fun of Rick Perry for saying stupid things is like shooting fish in a barrel at this point, but until he stops pretending he has anything constructive to contribute to the American public, I'll keep doing it. Which brings us to this sound bite from a speech he made today in New Hampshire:

"Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote. Those of you who won't be, work hard."

Knowing neither the age when you can start reeling in potential voters (eighteen) or the date of the 2012 general election (November 6th) seems like pretty important information, but maybe things will still turn out just fine for Rick. For the moment it's unclear, as he declined to take comments after the speech, during which he also received the official endorsement of sketchy, oft-sued Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

Maybe this new political alliance will change the tides and lead Perry to a sweeping, super-manly 2012 victory, or maybe we just have to wait it out a little longer until he finally gives up and goes back to that hunting camp of his. Only time will tell.