Ridiculously high number of Southern voters believe Obama is a Muslim

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In addition to a high concentration of Cracker Barrels and stores selling inexpensive fireworks, the Deep South also offers a staggeringly high number of voters who believe Obama is a "secret Muslim." According to Public Polling Policy (PPP), a whopping forty-five percent of likely GOP primary voters polled in Alabama said they believed that the President was a Muslim, with forty-one percent answering that they were "unsure" what his religious affiliation was. (Only fourteen percent responded that they thought Obama was a Christian, which is what the president self-identifies as, but what does he know?) In Mississippi, fifty-two percent of 656 voters polled said that they thought Obama was a Muslim, with thirty-six percent responding that they were unsure. 

Granted, considering that PPP only surveyed likely conservative voters during ongoing GOP primaries, these results aren't really that surprising; furthermore, rumors questioning Obama's faith have plagued the president for years, with a 2010 national poll indicating that almost twenty percent of Americans believe him to be a Muslim. lt also doesn't help that douchehats like Rick Santorum continue to add fuel to the fire by making public statements that the President's political agenda is based in some "phony theology," as he did at a Tea Party rally last month.

But seriously, Mississippians and Alabamites/Mississippi-ites and Alabamans? Forty-five and fifty-two percent of you actually still believe that the President is a Muslim, no matter how many times he's wearily gone on record stating otherwise? Don't you guys read the news? Oh, that's right, you don't, because you respectively rank fifty-second and forty-fifth in national standardized test reading scores. Never mind. Go on and party with your bad illiterate selves.