In addition to a high concentration of Cracker Barrels and stores selling inexpensive fireworks, the Deep South also offers a staggeringly high number of voters who believe Obama is a "secret Muslim." According to Public Polling Policy (PPP), a whopping forty-five percent of likely GOP primary voters polled in Alabama said they believed that the President was a Muslim, with forty-one percent answering that they were "unsure" what his religious affiliation was. (Only fourteen percent responded that they thought Obama was a Christian, which is what the president self-identifies as, but what does he know?) In Mississippi, fifty-two percent of 656 voters polled said that they thought Obama was a Muslim, with thirty-six percent responding that they were unsure. 

Granted, considering that PPP only surveyed likely conservative voters during ongoing GOP primaries, these results aren't really that surprising; furthermore, rumors questioning Obama's faith have plagued the president for years, with a 2010 national poll indicating that almost twenty percent of Americans believe him to be a Muslim. lt also doesn't help that douchehats like Rick Santorum continue to add fuel to the fire by making public statements that the President's political agenda is based in some "phony theology," as he did at a Tea Party rally last month.

But seriously, Mississippians and Alabamites/Mississippi-ites and Alabamans? Forty-five and fifty-two percent of you actually still believe that the President is a Muslim, no matter how many times he's wearily gone on record stating otherwise? Don't you guys read the news? Oh, that's right, you don't, because you respectively rank fifty-second and forty-fifth in national standardized test reading scores. Never mind. Go on and party with your bad illiterate selves. 

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Mar 12 12 - 2:11pm

This is like Limbaugh and slut shaming, on one hand we have the issue of misinformation and the other is the fact that it shouldn't matter in the first place.

Mar 12 12 - 10:36pm
Uh, yeah...

...exactly like that except that it is nothing at all like it at all.

Mar 12 12 - 2:30pm

James, since he's posing as a "Christian" I think we should be concerned. Why hide it if you have no ill intent?

Mar 12 12 - 3:04pm

what? did you entirely miss the purpose of the article which was to say that Obama is most definitely not "posing," he just IS NOT Muslim. It shouldn't matter if he was, but the point is that it's crazy how readily people believe a lie.

Mar 12 12 - 6:26pm

Ahhh, typical New York City elitism ... a city populated by Midwestern transplants transformed into "smarter than thou" posers.

So let's parse this article. A poll says a lot of people think Barack Hussein Obama, whose Father was a Muslim, who spent a few childhood years in the predominately muslim country of Indonesia and attended a Muslim school that had a few hours of religious instruction every week (snopes) might be secretly a Muslim, that's completely absurd and the people who think that are stupid hicks. If I'm EVER on trial for murder I hope to have EJ Dickson on the Jury (and some other transplants from flyover country).

Mar 12 12 - 8:27pm
Billy Bob

Troll harder.

Mar 12 12 - 8:37pm

Yes, it is absurd. His mother was a Christian; he spent many more years in the predominately Christian nation of America; he has attended a Protestant church for decades, amounting to many, many more hours than the religious instruction he was required to attend as a child. So yep, they're fucking morons, and congrats -- you are too!

But I sincerely hope that even a moron like you gets a rational thinker like EJ Dickson on your jury, because even idiots deserve a fair trial.

Mar 12 12 - 10:19pm

Typical liberal has to resort to profanity and hate.
I'll respond with logic:

1. Malcolm X was also a "Christian"
2. The US is NOT a Christian country in the way Indonesia is. For instance Sharia law is followed in at least one province and the book "Satanic Verses" is banned.
3. Well he says he attended a church with that hate monger Reverend Wright but never heard any of his regular anti-semtic rants so I'm not so sure about that claim.
4. In Islam the rule is if the Father is Islamic the children are (reverse of Judaism).

Mar 13 12 - 8:44am

1. Hahahaha
2. US has many laws based on Judeochristian theology, places that are governed almost wholly by Judeochristian theology, and many counties have banned books that did not sufficiently comply with Judeochristian theology
3. So did he or didn't he? It sounds like your conspiracy theories are ramming up against each other here. On the one hand he didn't because he's a secret Muslim, on the other hand he did because grrr Jeremiah Wright!
4. In all religious matters the rule is that faith is what you practice and what you believe.

Mar 13 12 - 8:44am

5. I am sorry that my salty language offended you :( :( :(

Mar 14 12 - 1:37am

It's not your language that offended, it's your reasoning. I particularly liked #2 - A reasonably short sentence that simultaneously managed to be incoherent and pointless.

Mar 15 12 - 2:16am

I provided contrasting examples to your (?) argument that the U.S. could not be considered a predominately Christian language. If you disagreed I would love to hear why but I think my point was fairly clear. I'm sorry your high school reading comp teacher failed you :( :( :(

Mar 15 12 - 2:17am

I meant "predominately Christian country" not "language." Normally I would assume that the reader would be able to grasp the meaning of the sentence even with a slight error but let's not take any chances here.

Mar 12 12 - 9:37pm

"considering that PPP only surveyed likely conservative voters during ongoing GOP primaries, these results aren't really that surprising"

Really? Is it too much to ask that voters know a few basic facts about the candidates they are voting for and against?

I mean, come on. I'd vote against Santorum, but when answering a call from a pollster I wouldn't identify him as a mixture of fecal matter and lube.

Mar 12 12 - 10:39pm
I thought...

...a mixture of fecal matter and lube was "meola?" Yeah, that's it! I'm going call it "meola!" I'm so edgy, I'm getting chills! Oh, yeah, I'm cool!

Mar 12 12 - 10:23pm

Basic fact? The question is posed more as opinion "Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?" Now remember all you good little liberals, YOUR guy Bill Clinton said "it depends on what the meaning of is "is" ... looking at this question, yeah, it seems like they are asking "is this guy a closet Muslim". So how do you factually verify whether someone is really leaning towards being a Muslim but for political reasons keeps a lid on it?

Mar 12 12 - 11:15pm

Come back when you have more than speculation.

Mar 13 12 - 2:54am

You're working far too hard at this, Greg, and not very capably.
You also want to conclude that everyone who DOESN'T think Obama is a Muslim is a "liberal" when in fact they're people that understand that when it comes to religion, a person is what he says he is.