Right-wing covert operation uses fake pimp ruse on Planned Parenthood

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Another right-wing undercover operation took aim at Planned Parenthood, this time under the direction of Live Action, a media group dedicated to investigating abortion. The two covert operatives filmed themselves entering a Planned Parenthood center and speaking with the office manager about procuring STD testing and abortions for underage sex workers, inquiring about girls ages fourteen, fifteen, and up. They asked various questions about how to secure medical care for these fictional Asian immigrants.

The office manager at the center offered tips on how to avoid age requirements and the best clinic to take a fourteen-year-old child if she was in need of an abortion. The footage brings up many difficult and important questions about women's health care, sex work, and the need for medical staff to report abuse. Should the Planned Parenthood employee have been less helpful in advising the pimp in ways to obtain medical attention for his underage sex workers? Should she have called the FBI to report the pimp and his sex workers?

The answers to those questions are difficult. Sex work and sex trafficking/child abuse are two separate issues, and the real issue here is child abuse. It seems the office worker should have called law enforcement to report the pimp; but, had she done so, word would have inevitably gotten around that Planned Parenthood reports underage sex workers and those still involved in sex work would be less likely to receive medical attention or safe and sanitary abortions.

Sex trafficking and the use of children for sex work is a disgusting fact of life which ought to be combated, but will its presence completely disappear? Should Planned Parenthood overlook abuse in order to provide girls with medical care?