Fox News head admits he hired Sarah Palin because she’s hot

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Roger Ailes

There comes a point in every media super-mogul's life where they become old, rich, and powerful enough to say whatever the hell they want. For Roger Ailes, president of Fox News Channel, that point was sometime this past Monday. 

Ailes let his hair down (oh ho!) and admitted something that would be completely unsurprising if it hadn't come from his mouth: that he gave Sarah Palin a Fox News segment because she's good looking. Actually, in his words, he hired Sarah Palin "because she was hot and got ratings." 

That is… 

…something we were all aware of. 

What is surprising about this interview is its unparalleled glimpse into the daily struggles of Roger Ailes. Despite what he just said about Sarah Palin, he does worry about political correctness. When he isn't busy reclining in his wing chair at NewsCorp headquarters, he sometimes gets all wistful and and thinks about his unfulfilled dreams:

"I always wanted to raise the money to go back and buy the Cleveland Indians and be sure they won one more World Series," Ailes said, but he worries liberals would be "all over my ass because I bought the Indians!" 

Oh, Roger. Don't ever change.