Romney campaign uses Media Matters music in anti-Perry ad

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As Mediaite points out, the Mitt Romney campaign recently posted an online-only campaign ad that took a jab at the well-coiffed Rick Perry, focusing on comments that the Texas governor made at the last GOP debate regarding the treatment of illegal immigrants. It's a by-the-numbers spot, but what stands out about it is its underlying electronica soundtrack which subtly mimics the distinctive sound sample used by left-wing media watchdog/FoxNews hit squad Media Matters. That "beep beep" sonar sound. Hmmm, could this just be a coincidence? They're not trying to suggest that Perry has left-wing proclivities are they? It's not a touche for slinging around "Obamneycare," is it?

Who knows, but what's more fun is to watch online comedy group Bad Lip Reading (you may remember them from such videos as the Black Eyed Peas' "Poops" joint) literally put words in Perry's mouth, by taking his announcement speech and dubbing in alternate words that happen to match his lip movements. Some say that the ensuing folderol makes more sense than the usual Perry utterances. You never know; "save a pretzel for the gas jets" might be the next "Where's the Beef?"