Romney gets pranked by campaign staff, and it’s as sad as it sounds

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Have you guys heard that people seem to be having some trouble relating to Mitt Romney, presidential hopeful/actual animatronic from Disney's Hall of Presidents? You probably didn't realize; it hasn't gotten much play from the "lame-stream media." Clearly, Romney's campaign staffers know that the former governor could use a bump in the old likability index, after a series of gaffes that portrayed Romney as a tone-deaf plutocrat who likes to tie dogs to the roofs of cars. (In a cage. I guess it's to his credit that he didn't just tie the dog itself to the roof?)

And wouldn't you know it, April Fools' Day was coming up! It's the perfect time to get a little mischievous, pull one over on Mr. Moneybags, and show that underneath his hard exoskeleton, he can laugh at himself just like everyone else. (Even though laughing at oneself is actually not that common of a trait.) They even got Rep. Paul "I Hate You, Stop Being Kind of Hot" Ryan in on the joke:

Oh, that's… that's really good, you guys. Good trying, all around. I mean, yes, no one outside of the campaign (AKA "the voters") saw the actual prank take place. And then you released a video of the incident, but in essence it just shows a mostly empty room of Romney's staff laughing at him, which seems a bit bleak, I'm not going to lie. And perhaps the whole "haha, you thought you were going to speak at a rally but now this giant room is empty!" thing would go over better if things like this hadn't already happened and received a lot of publicity:

But good tries! Good tries all around.