Ron Paul sticks to his guns, lets his uninsured campaign manager die

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If he gets elected, I don't think Ron Paul will have trouble keeping campaign promises. Even those who didn't watch CNN's Tea Party debate on Monday heard about Paul's declaration that letting the uninsured die is the cost of freedom. He also said something to the effect that others can't be responsible to take care of you —  just before he was drowned out by the applause of the crowd.

And apparently, he meant it. Take the case of Kent Snyder, for instance. Snyder was Paul's first campaign manager, as well as the guy responsible for getting Paul anywhere near the nomination. Snyder also chose not to purchase health insurance for himself (since, of course, due to a pre-existing condition, the premiums were too high). Paul didn't step in. In 2008, Snyder, a relatively healthy forty-nine-year old, got pneumonia and died. Paul left Snyder's elderly mother with the $400,000 bill. That's the kind of freedom Paul treats his closest colleagues with — a colleague I know Paul cared a lot about because of this web entry he dedicated to Snyder after his death.

It kind of makes you question our obsession with total individual freedom, no? (Also, just because we can't resist, please watch this video from last night's Colbert Report.)