Ron Paul’s new ads are all sorts of futuristic fun

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When Ron Paul's team puts out ads, they put out ads.

Instead of just throwing Rick Perry in a Brokeback Mountain jacket, dropping him in front of some trees, and filling up the teleprompter with tales of how Obama's allowing the gays to destroy Christmas (or whatever the fuck he was trying to say), or combing through days and days of videotape to find a specific Obama sound bite (never mind it came from when Obama himself was quoting John McCain) that Mittens Romney can approve as his message, Paul's team is producing lengthy and fact-based ads that attack the various other GOP candidates. What fun!

The first one, embedded below, focuses on Newt Gingrich, because that's certainly a fine point upon which to hone your first digital blade. (Are they even going to worry about making a Michelle Bachmann version at this point?) The best part of all this, however, is the production: a touch-screen display basically cribbed from Minority Report; a hyperactive, string-heavy score reminiscent of the one in The Fifth Element; our touch-screen stand-in being "beamed up" for some inexplicable reason at the end. Whoever's making these sure is quickly filling out the "sci-fi" section of his or her director's reel.