Rush Limbaugh compares President Obama to an Oreo cookie

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Rush Limbaugh, still running the Republican party from behind a microphone, compared President Obama to an Oreo cookie on his radio show Wednesday, coinciding with the arrival of the new Triple Double Oreo, which hit shelves the same day. The Triple Double features both chocolate and vanilla cream (this is not a commercial), prompting Limbaugh to refer to the cookie as "biracial."

Limbaugh is actually a recidivist when it comes to President/dessert treat analogies. In 2009, he said that food-safety advocates (or "Nutrinazis?") intended "to go after Oreos," but might have to wait until Obama vacated his office. This time, Limbaugh said "it isn't going to be long before it's going to be called the 'Or-Bam-eo,'" continuing the bad punning on the president's name that we see in constructions like "o-bam-neycare."

We get that Limbaugh is an unrepentant insulter, with examples too numerous to list. And as the tacit leader of the GOP, he gets away with a lot. Limbaugh is a canny commentator, but lowers the discourse at times like this. You don't see President Obama calling Limbaugh, as others have done, a "pumpkinhead."